Sunday, September 28, 2003
  The article Illegal downloading leads to laws by Associated Press with Pantatgraph staff on September 9, 2003, lawsuits were being sent out to people who were downloading music.There were 261 lawsuits filed around the country by the Recording Industry Associated of America. In Boilingbrook a student named Scott Brumbosz admitted to downloading nearly 100 songs from the internet while going to Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington.I think downloading music in not a bad thing, especially for college students cause students do not have money to waste on a $16-$20 C.D.The music industry should have something set up with the computer to have how many people downloaded what and still have the cd's used for the music industry. 
  The article Old Virus Has a New Trick: Mailing Itself in Quanity by John Schwartz on August 21,2003.The Old Virus SoBig F is emerging into the computer world.Anyone opening an attachment to a e mail message should be careful, because they might open up a virus. The SoBig F virus is more effecient than other tupes of e mail viruses, because this bug works better than other programs at sending itself around.The mail program that the SoBig F uses is " multithreaded" therefore, it sends out alot more copies at once.

The virus spreads by going through each victom's address book, stored web pages and other files, picking up email adresses. Then it sends itself to every address it finds, and also hides the senders true true identity by substituting an address from the user's machinei. After the program has infected the computer, it will download a Trojan horse program that could allow an attacker to overcome the target PC.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
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